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Our novel infrared imaging technology is patent pending worldwide

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  • Custom integration for your microscope

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    Our technology is compatible with most high-performance microscopes and can be integrated right into it.

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  • Customized microscope

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    Select your desired features, and we'll manufacture a custom-made microscope for high-resolution imaging through silicon to fit your requirements

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  • Ready to use microscope

    A manual microscope that provides deep silicon imaging for under US$5,000 with superior resolution & real-time inspection.

    In your lab in less than 30 days.

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  • Philippe Lassonde, Research agent, National Institute of Scientific Research

    "This microscope is ideal to observe silicon inside volume. The resolution and contrast of the images are impressive."

  • Steeve Morency, Expert Technician in Glass Materials, Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers

    "It's truly amazing to see such an affordable microscope delivering superior results compared to our $100,000 microscope!"

  • Mathieu Lebeuf, Test & Characterization Engineer, AEPONYX inc.

    "Jay Photonics' microscope is a compact, user-friendly, competitively priced infrared inspection station with great potential."

  • Antoine Dumont, Field Application Scientist, Telops

    "Very impressive technology!"

  • Philippe Labranche, Engineering Physics Technician, Laval University

    "It's proof that technology can be 'simple' and exceptional at an incredible price!"

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Si-Through-HR: Infrared Transmission Microscope for Nondestructive Inspection Through Silicon Layers

Deep silicon imaging under US$5,000 with superior resolution, real-time inspection & ready to use.

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