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SWIR polarizers kit for Jay Photonics Si-Through-HR microscope

SWIR polarizers kit for Jay Photonics Si-Through-HR microscope

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This polarizing kit boosts your Jay Photonics microscope with polarizing features. The polarizer wavelength range (contrast > 1000, typical 2000) is from 415 nm to 1600 nm. The transmission is >75% between 1000 nm and 1600 nm. The housing of one of the two polarizers is c-mount threaded so it can also be used for other applications (in front of any c-mount SWIR camera or lens). The other polarizer is equipped with an adapter that fits the top of the illumination port of the Jay Photonics microscope.


As shown on the following image taken using the Jay Photonics Si-Through-HR Microscope equipped with this SWIR polarizers kit, the ferromagnetic domains in the material (opaque to visible light) can be revealed. 



The polarizer material is resistant to grease, oil, aromatic hydrocarbons and most common solvents. NOT resistant to acetone. 

Environmental durability: DIN ISO 9022-2-10-07; DIN ISO 9022-2-11-05; DIN ISO 9022-2-12-07; DIN ISO 9022-2-14-05.

Polarizer thickness: 500 um.

Damage threshold from 1000nm to 1600 nm: 2 W/cm2.

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